18th & 19th Century Furniture


Mahogany Pembroke Table

circa early 1900

Elegant mahogany pembroke table attributed to the workshop of Irving & Casson and A.H. Davenport of Mass.  The “D” shaped drop leaves that open with dual wooden flaps on either side.  Full drawers are on both ends of the table with original hardware and dovetail construction.  The straight legs taper to the bottom.  The label is on the bottom of the table.

Casson and Davenport built beautiful furniture and items can be found in the White House and in museums.   This design is similar to Hepplewhite’s (d.1786) English.

Condition: Excellent!!  Cleaned and waxed.

Dimensions: 36” length x  22” wide x 29 1/2: height

Drop Leaves: 8” each

Stock # 1388                                                                                                              

Price: $698.00

Walnut square back gothic revival dining chairs include two (2) armchairs and two (2) side chairs.  Reeded detail throughout with the upper portion having two extended open block decorations on either side of the framed reeded ball turnings followed by arched bannister backs.  The armchairs have shaped armrests with turned ball design as on the top rail.  The lower portion boasts cushion seats resting on thick rails followed by turned and block front legs with three way stretchers.

These chairs may be attributed to Pottier & Stymus Cabinetmaking Firm in New York  City of the late 1800’s.  The seats have been reupholstered utilizing Symphony Vintage leather like material, specifically formulated to emulate the appearance of fine-waxed pull-up leather.  It has 40,000 double rubs with a -10 degree cold crack.   Ordinary dirt and stains can be removed with mild soap and water.

Gothic Revival: began in the 1700’s but grew in the 1800’s promoted by designers.

Furniture became heavy, decorated with architectural details.

Condition:  New seat covers, cleaned and repaired where required, and waxed.

Stock # 0967 Pair with arms

Price: $500.00

Stock # 0967A Pair with out arms

Price: $250.00

New York  Queen Anne style, two board circular top,mounted on a birdcage mechanism that allows the top to tilt as well as rotate with a thin wood stopper that renders the table stationary.

The pedestal is attached to the birdcage by inserting the top post through the bottom hole of the birdcage.  The turned pedestal shaft has a tall shaped baluster and ends with ring turnings at the base, attached to three elongated cabriole legs, gracefully carved on the top near the pedestal and ending in large raised pad feet.

The generous size of the top and the tall pedestal are desirable  features for sofa or

bedside tables. Primary and secondary wood is walnut.

Birdcage Mechanism: Hinged; popular in the early 18th c (1700’s), that allowed the tabletop to revolve as well as tip.

Condition:  Top has original finish and wear.  One cabriole leg has professional repair to one side on top where it attaches to pedestal.  Legs have original finish as well as pedestal.

Cleaned, repaired and waxed.

Dimensions: 27” diameter x 28” height

Stock # A1380

Price: $ 1,950.00

Queen Anne Tilt and Turn

Tripod Table with Pad Feet

circa 1760

Walnut refectory table has original plank top followed by later addition of molding

around the bottom of the plank top and the bottom of the table skirt.  The ring turned legs and block feet are one piece and are connected to the bottom stretcher by mortise and  tenon that indicates age of he table as the original application in the 1400’s was with the feet to the stretcher that stood out from the surface, due to

shrinkage over the centuries.

Condition: Very Good!  4” x 2/8th” splinter out of one of the top boards at seam.  Worn smooth over years.   Cleaned , repaired where required, and waxed.

Dimensions: 57” length x 27” wide x 30” high

Stock # 1346

Price: $ 1,895.00

Walnut Refectory Table

circa 1600-1645

Mahogany circular tilt top table with a rounded edge is supported by a maple wood peg baluster turned  standard, on shaped tripod base ending in rounded feet.  It was  not unusual during this early period that two different woods would be utilized in creating a piece of furniture.

The most interesting American-made tables of this period were the tripod tilt tables; such as  tea tables and candle stands.  These were made first of walnut, cherry, and other woods, and later of mahogany.  Before 1775 the tops were mostly round or scalloped; after the Revolution the octagonal form appeared.  Tea tables began in the 1700’s when tea was a new and fashionable  beverage.

Dimensions: Top 23 1/4” x 23 1/2”, Height: 28”

Condition: Top has been refurbished due to the condition at purchase.

Stock# A1484

Price: $ 475.00

Acquired in Shenandoah Valley

Gothic Revival Dining Chairs

Set of Four

circa late 1800’s

Shenandoah Valley

Corner Cupboard

circa 1860

Sixteen (16) light cherry corner cupboard from “Stone Hedge”, an 1800 home located in Newbern, Virginia.

Original one-piece cherry corner cupboard with all original hardware makes this a great item. Topped by a cavetto cornice over two eight light doors, with original wavy glass and mortise and tenon door construction. Four large open shelves with dish rails on the top portion.

Bottom portion with two frame and panel doors has two large open shelves. The cabinet ends with turned bun feet.  The back of the cabinet has rough sawn vertical single back-boards secured with square nails.  The back also has a 90 degree return reducing the amount that the cabinet extends into the room.

Dimensions: 82” high x 45” wide x 27depth

Condition: Excellent!

Stock # A918                    Price: $6,750.00

Rhode Island Windsor

Child’s Sack-Back

Youth Chair

c. 1780-1800’s

Rhode Island Windsor oak sack-back youth chair has a shaped crest rail,  joined to the yoke rail  that becomes the arms of the windsor chair.  The chair has 5 turned spindles in the back and 3 on either side of the yoke rail, centered by a saddle shaped seat.  The grain of wood is visible on both the seat top and it’s underside.

Turned shaped and splayed legs are connected with two turned crossbars, front and back, joined by a turned H stretcher.  Local traditions and craftsmanship are most apparent in country chairs and styles are particular to the area where the piece was made.  This piece exhibits rare form.

Dimensions: h. 32” x  w. 18” x d. 15”

Condition: Very good commensurate with age.  Front bottom rail appears to be replacement timber in the past.

Stock # A1460                                                                            

Acquired in Smith Mountain, Virginia

Price: $ 365.00

Renaissance Revival

Ladies Slipper Chair

circa 1872

Rosewood ladies slipper chair has a carved crestrail centered with a circular medallion and flanked by carved and veneered incurved stiles enclosing an upholstered buttoned back and beautifully pleated and tufted arms that end in carved female figurehead supports over a serpentine shaped upholstered seat on turned trumpet form legs ending in original casters.

Attributed to M.& H. Schrenkeisen of New York City c 1870-1875, featured in The

Magazine Antiques.

Condition: Re-upholstered and repaired as required.  In excellent condition .

Dimensions: 39” high x 26” wide /seat height 15 1/2”

Stock # 968

Maple Porch

Tilting Chair

circa early -mid 1800’s

Rare early American  maple  tilting porch chair with shaped ladder back  and original unfinished construction.  The back angle cut legs are 1 1/2” from bottom rung and the front legs are  2/1/4” from bottom rung. 

The chair has been re-wood pegged, as the original wood peg fasteners were  worn out.  The tape seat was installed as it was without a seat at time of purchase.

This chair was originally assembled, without nails or screws and has been restored in accordance with the original technique.   The chair has been cleaned, repaired, and waxed with  Briwax.

Dimensions: 36” high x 18” wide x 14” depth

Origin: New England

Stock # A1340

Price: $ 335.00

Louis XVI

French Commode

circa late 1700’s

Elegant and massive serpentine bombe commode/chest, topped by shaped  green and white marble followed by tulip and kingwood elaborate veneer outlined by inlaid stringing design over the total commode.  The two drawers have large cut dovetails and curving apron all adorned with original hand-cast gilt bronze ormolu mounts on square cabriole legs with sabots.

Condition: Very good commensurate with the age of this item.  The marble has old repair that has been executed well.  Cleaned , repaired where required, and waxed.

Dimensions: 35” high x 48” wide x 21” depth

Terms: Bombe: Literally translated from the French as “bulging” a term used for a swelling shape seen originally on chests of drawers and commodes of the Louise XVI period.

Kingwood: Brazilian wood extensively used by France from the early 1700’s to 1780’s for quality pieces.

Tulipwood: From the rosewood family and may range from yellow into pinks and even purple with a very deep luster , found in Brazil.

Commode: 1700’s French chest of drawers.  The English also used the term to describe a chest of drawers.  Usually, a commode is highly decorated, with or without drawers and on short legs with a rounded or serpentine front.  French commodes are more highly decorated with gilt-bronze mounts, veneering, and marquetry topped with marble.  They were mainly in salons and the more important rooms.  The word means commodious or convenient and were mainly used for storage.

Stock # : A1160

Price: $ $1,495.00

Art Nouveau

Writing Table

circa 1910-1920

Rosewood veneer writing desk, appears to be created for a client utilizing the Regency table design in the form of a Bureau-Plat (1820-1830)

Bureau-Plat is a french term for a flat topped writing desk that has drop sides and a Frieze (horizontal length of wood beneath the top of the desk stand; followed by drawers and supported with splayed legs.

This desk is appointed with rich sectioned golden tan skiver, (a type of leather that is inset into a desk writing surface, quite often with gold tooling around the edge.) The desk has a bank of five drawers with rich rosewood veneer appointed with solid brass hardware.  The desk has end supports followed by splayed legs, with string inlay design and ending in solid brass lion claw caps and casters.

Condition:  This piece has been completely cleaned,repaired where required and waxed. The leather has been cleaned and

re-conditioned with mink oil. 

Dimensions: Fully Open: 73 1/2” length leaves down 49” length x 24” wide x  30 1/2” high.

Stock # A1434           

Fauteuils Side Chair

circa 1880’s

Walnut Fauteuils side chair has tapestry upholstered shield shaped back crested with flower

heads followed by out-swept arms with upholstered center cushion flowing to molded apron

centered with flower heads, encompassing a balloon  seat supported by cabriole legs.  Recent

tapestry upholstery, by its former owner, has maintained the original style of the chair.

This chair was manufactured by J. B. Van Sciver Furniture Company  of Camden, N.J.  in circa

1880’s and the brass tag is on the back of the seat.

Fauteuil: A French term for a formal, often richly covered, open armchair with generous

proportions, introduced in the early 18th century at the court of Louis XIV.

Dimensions: 35 1/2” high x 25” wide x 18 3/4” depth /Seat  height: 20”

Condition: Excellent!!  Cleaned and waxed.

Stock # A1201

Price: $ 595.00

Mahogany chest-of-drawers, attributed to Michael Allison, whose establishment Antique Production resided on Vesey Street at the corner of 30th Street, New York City.  In the early nineteenth century, New York City flourished, becoming the major cosmopolitan center that it is today.  Both reacting from and contributing to the surge in productivity, furniture design and output over took the rival city of Philadelphia.  Active among the city’s cabinetmakers during this time was Michael Allison.

The paper label on the back helps to establish the dating of this chest as paper labels were used between 1730-1830.  Michael Allison furniture is quite distinctive as he religiously labeled his pieces, better than any other New York city cabinetmaker.  The N.Y. State Museum in Albany has nine pieces labeled by Michael Allison.  His career spanned from 1800-1847.

The drawers are surrounded with delicate small cockbeading and 1800’s HJ brass hardware with the bottom drawer hardware replaced from the same period.  The top with veneer edging and sides are thick single board construction.  Mahogany was used during the 18th c as it was popular as a fashionable wood and easy to carve, resistant to worm, and fairly stable.

Contemporaries of Michael Allison were Duncan Phyfe and Charles Honor’e Lannuier.

Condition: This chest has wear commensurate with the age and has been repaired, cleaned and waxed. 

Dimensions: Length:  43 3/4” x Depth: 21” x Height: 34 3/4”

Stock # A1451

Price: $ 1, 395.00

Mahogany drop-leaf dining table in the pembroke style is supported by beautiful turned and carved legs ending in solid brass wheel feet.  The table has two drop-leaves that fold up,rest on fly-bracket-hinged pieces of wood that rest against the table  side when not in use.  The moulded edge of the table top conceals the hinge when the sides are dropped.

This historical  piece has been reclaimed through extensive repair work due to it’s condition at the time of purchase. 

Condition: The table exhibits the beauty that was originally conceived by the craftsman who created this piece.  Cleaned, repaired and waxed.

Dimensions: Top: Center is 25 1/2” and drop leaf sides are 15 3/4” each.  Depth is 39” and

                                Height is 27 1/2”.  Fully open 55” wide.

Stock #: A1453

Price: $ 895.00

Acquired in Shenandoah Valley, VA.


Chippendale Style

Walnut Blanket Chest

circa early 1800’s

Chippendale country style blanket chest has an applied molded edge around a two board rectangular top as well as around the bottom.   The top is attached to the back board with double iron strap hinges on the inside and outside.   An attached till box is on the left inside.  The chest rests on ogee bracket feet. Thick single boards on the four sides are  crafted with large hand-cut dovetailed construction.  Heavy wrought iron handles  mounted with  decorative escutcheons are on the ends.   The front is centered with an iron lock and the  bottom has a thick single board.  In 1753 Chippendale had a cabinet-making workshop in England.  He first attracted national attention with the publication in April 1754 of “The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s director.   His publication was widely used in America.

This chest has a deep aging patina and appears to have a provence from either Penn. or Virginia.  This trunk is in excellent condition.

Condition: Cleaned and waxed.

Dimensions: Length 49 1/2” x Depth 21 1/4” x Height 22”

Stock # A1433

Price: $ $ 1,995


Tall Ladder-Back Chairs

circa late 1800’s-early 1900’s

Set of four hickory, tall ladder-back chairs are painted black with undercoat of red slightly showing through and stencil decorations on the four slat backs.  The rush seats (new replacement, as old seats were crumbling) are a great finish to these elegant old chairs.  Double stretchers on three sides assure good support.  Pennsylvania ladder-back chairs are noted to have vertical posts without turnings and the slats curved on upper and lower edge.

Condition: Excellent!!  Cleaned and waxed.

Dimensions: 42 1/2” h x 15” w x 18” l

Stock # 1342

Price: $ 980.00

Paper Mache’ with  Mother of Pearl

Inlaid Tilt Top table

circa mid-late 1800’s

Paper Mache’ scalloped tilt  snap top table is centered with  a inlaid mother of pearl floral spray and an edging of a scalloped thick border of inlaid mother of pearl trim with thin flowing gold leaf design to the center.  The gold leaf design continues down the baluster turned stem flowing to the three shaped legs.

History: During a hundred year period between the mid-1700’s and 1800’s , a major industry flourished in England;  that of Japanned paper mache’.  This industry had its origins in both architectural ornamentation and Japanned tinware.  The development of Japanned paper mache’ led to an unparalleled trade that resulted in the manufacture of many articles of furniture.

Dimensions: Tilt up position: 40” high  Down position: 22” wide x 28” high

Condition:    Slight loss to mother of pearl on center floral arrangement.  Otherwise in

excellent condition with original snap closure on bottom.  Cleaned, repaired, waxed.

Stock # A1427

Price: $ 995.00

Tiger Oak

Drop Leaf Table

circa late 1800’s-early 1900’s

Victorian antique Tiger Oak gate-leg table is a solid heavy table.  Rare barley twist leg base, folds out to support the leaves on each side of the table that is sturdy and well built.  This could be a sofa table or a great dining table.

Condition: Good, one small expert repair to one leg cross brace.  The surface of this table has not been abused.

Dimensions: 36” high x 3’ long/Top: 36” closed/46 1/2” long open

Stock# A1542  

Price: $650.00

Acquired  in Shenandoah Valley

Trim on top

  Back of  chest

Inside with

till box on left

Ogee bracket feet

Molded edge on chest

Iron Lock

Hand-cut dovetails

One of two iron handles with escutcheons.

Burl Walnut Tea/Occasional Table

circa late 1800’s-early 1900

Burl Walnut tea /occasional table has book-matched burl walnut veneer top followed by a  walnut scalloped apron.  The legs begin with hand carved walnut  knees, followed by cabriole legs ending in large hand carved ball and claw feet, which include the talons.  This table boast expert workmanship throughout.

The table is beautifully crafted and may have come from Italy.  This form of occasional table was generally used for tea as it is of the height that chairs could be on either side.

Dimensions: 32”wide x 23” high

Condition: Very Good/ One very small wear mark on the top.

Stock # 1483  

Price:  $ 1, 275.00

Acquired from Virginia estate.


Side Chair

circa mid 1700’s

William and Mary maple ladder-back armchair with turned  uprights topped with finials, joined by four slightly arched slats.  The chair has open scrolled turned arms and front and side double stretchers.  A hickory wood slat seat set between front round uprights that rise above the arms and appear to have lost the mushroom tops, as indicated by the marks were they were attached.  The chair appears to be from the New England area.

The black paint has touches of red throughout and gold stencils.  A wood slat seat completes the chair.

Condition: This chair is in very good condition and the seat has been replaced in the past.

Cleaned and waxed.

Dimensions: 47” high x  22” length x 17” wide

Stock #: A1343

Price: $ 995.00

Acquired from Virginia

Back View

Mahogany Chest

created by

Michael Allison


Mahogany Drop Leaf

Dining Table


Appomattox, Virginia

circa late 1800’s

Civil War Paymaster’s Chest

circa 1860

Oak Paymaster’s Chest built with thick dove-tail construction.  The bottom has a 2” thick board topped with a coved trim.  The top board has a rounded trim on three sides.

Three large brass keyholes are across the front of the chest.  On either side of the chest are authentic Queen Anne Chased Brass Pulls created by Horton Brass Company in the fashion of the original ones of that period.   The back has two black strap hinges.  On the left inside, the box has another hinged compartment with three iron key holes.

The issue of pay is linked to the greater economic concerns of  financing a war as part of  the national budget.  The paymaster’s money box represents the final point of transfer for federal dollars that flowed down the system to the rank and file, who were on the front line in waging the war.  Although soldiers were to be paid every two weeks, pay was often months late.  As a result, many families became destitute, leading soldiers to desert the ranks to take care of their loved ones.

Note: This is a civil war museum category item.

Dimensions: 25” l x 16” d x 10 1/2” h

Condition: Very good for the age of this piece.

Stock # 1538                                                                                                Price: $1,275.00

This piece was found in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

                                                                            Missing items 


Early hand wrought iron grab lock or blanket chest lock from the early 19th century.  Lock was mounted on the inside of a blanket chest and when the lid is closed the lock automatically "grabs" the top keeper and locks the chest.   The key must be used to unlock the lid.  Lock measures 5 3/4" high x 4 1/8" wide with a 3 15/16" selvedge.  Drive-in keeper mounts under the lid.  Four inch key is long enough to use through a 2" thick board.  This mechanism was probably taken off due to the key being lost.


Solid cherry four drawer combined writing and dressing table with a thumb nail trimmed top and a center opening hinged top, revealing a beautiful multiple cherry trimmed mirror compartment with several sections to enhance the inside portion of the dressing table.  The writing table is flanked by thumbnail trimmed double drawers on each side of the serpentine shaped kneehole  and have  original engraved solid brass swan neck hardware.  The desk is supported with cabriole legs ending in pad feet on the front and tapered straight back legs.  The desk side have serpentine design to match the front.

The matching cherry upholstered chair has a shaped back top centered by an urn design followed by side rails flowing to out swept back legs with turned rails connected to front legs with pad feet and  block shaped corners. The original cherry enhances the rich look.

Paper tags are an aging factor.

Dimension: Desk: 40” w  x  18 1/4” d  x  30 “ h

                             Chair:  27 1/2” h  x 20” d

Condition: Excellent!!  Great age on the cherry patina

Created by Pennsylvania House, Lewisburg, Penn.

Sold by : Derby Colonial Furniture,Homer, New York

Stock # A1469                                                                                                                             

Price: $2,575.00

Acquired from New York estate

  Cherry Writing/Dressing Desk          

                      & Chair

            circa 1900-1930’s                  

Slate Top Oak

Pedestal Stand

circa mid-1900

English Windsor Oak  slate top pedestal stand begins with a  2 1/2” layered oak trim encasing 15” diameter round thick slate.  The slate top is followed by a thick layered rounded oak base with a large indented stem continuing down to a thick layered rounded oak base with a large indented stem  and a 6 1/2” width carved urn, down to three circle carved  base resting on a four point large curved and stepped base.

This is a great plant or floral arrangement stand.

Dimensions:  20” w x 18” h

Condition: Excellent!

Stock # A1489                                                                                                  

Price: $ 235.00

Acquired from Virginia estate.

Pickled Walnut

Side Table

circa mid-1900

Solid pickle walnut side table with book matched top.  Two  shelves open on both ends.  Frame and panel sides with thick molding.  Shaped top design continues throughout including the thick base. Beautiful molding detail through the entire table.

Dimensions: 22” l x 14” w x 22 1/2 “ h

Condition: Excellent!

Stock # A1486                                                                                                 

Price: $ 195.00

Acquired from Virginia estate


Tilt-Top Tea Table

circa late 1700s-early 1800’s

Side View of

Outside of Chest

Inside Three Lock Box

Open Inside Lock Box


Plant Stand

circa late 1800’s

Mahogany Plant Stand has a square top with decorative detail on bottom edge.  The top is supported by four bamboo style legs connecting  a round  lower shelf 19” from the top with four bamboo stretchers.

Dimensions: 30” high x 16” wide and depth

Condition: Very Good-some wear on top as this is where plants would have been.

Stock # A1539                                                                                          Price: $ 195.00

Acquired in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Humidor Side Table

circa late 1850

Northern walnut hardwood humidor end table has shaped drop leaves with cut corners.  The front of the table has two drawers with round shaped matching walnut handles.  On the back of the table is a drop leaf door with round shaped matching walnut  handle opening with flip wood closure on inside to a marble insert that enabled  an area   for cigar storage.  The table has beautiful turned and shaped legs.

Dimensions: Table : 20 3/4” L x 14 1/2” W 26 3/4” H

                              Drawers-Front: 3” x9:

                              Humidor Door: 9”x9”

Condition: Excellent!

Stock # A1554                                                                                                   Price: $ 675.00

Acquired in Shenandoah Vally

     View of Chest                  


       Three Locks


Hall Table

circa early1900

Biedermeier  style mahogany hall table has a beautiful top with shaped ends in a diagonal pattern separated from the center with a thin inlay strip of  cut card work detail (fret-cut lattice glued to the face of a piece of furniture to simulate carving) on each side.   The table is raised on turned trestle supports with a shaped and cut-out stretcher.

Dimensions: Table Top-36” length  x 15 wide x 31” height

Condition: This piece has been cleaned,  and waxed.

Stock #:  A1541                                                                                                         

Price: $ 795.00

Acquired in Virginia

Mahogany Classic Work Table

circa 1800-1899

Front view

with leaves

up and down.

Leaf brace for

top of  table sides.

Back of  table

Drop down

back drawer with wood latch

Inside back

with marble

Mahogany classic work table has a rectangular top with double moulded edge.

The top lifts open to a deep bin.  The four sides of the top are decorated with thick 1 1/2” long and 1/2” wide mahogany strips that finish  with a scroll design. 

The top rests on a thick barley  twist turned column followed by the pedestal platform; finishing with reversed scroll legs.  The turning is a Flemish style turning that was started in the early 17th c.

This table would be used for sewing or writing at the choice of the owner.

Dimensions: 24” wide x 17” length x 26” high

Condition: Excellent!

Stock #  A1551

Price: $ 475.00

Acquired in Shenandoah, Virginia

American Sheraton

Demi-Lune  Card Table

circa 1815

Early-mid 19th c. solid figured tiger maple 2 over 3 chest of drawers with hand-cut dovetail construction adorned with turned and carved wood knobs.  Dust shields are between the drawers.  The top of the chest is surrounded by thumb-nail trim with turned and shaped pilasters down the sides and the bottom is finished off with ring and turned feet.  A figured trim adorns the bottom of the chest.

Tiger maple has a distinctive pattern and has a deviation in the wood’s growth known as figuring.  The pattern travels across the grain and can look like stripes, waves, or small flames.

Due to the hardiness and durability, tiger maple is a frequent choice for custom made furniture and this type of wood came from the north eastern U.S. and Canada.  Use of tiger maple for furniture peaked in 18th c Colonial America.

Dimensions: 42” wide x 21” length x 38” high

Condition: This chest has been completely cleaned, repaired where required and waxed.  It is in beautiful condition.

Stock # A1553

Price  $1,850.00

Acquired in Shenandoah Valley

An American, possibly Boston, early 19th c Sheraton banded card table created with Cuban mahogany (swietenia mahogani) which is a dark ruddy brown, often cross grained and highly figured (note 1).

The rectangular hinged fold over banded top, is followed with a serpentine round front apron.  Half serpentine ends are interspersed with conforming figured frieze inlaid lighter wood panels.  Four ring-turned and reeded tapered legs ending in ringed cuffs and tapered cylindrical feet.  The card table folds over to present the total playing area that has a baize felt lining. (note 2)

Footnote (1) swietenia mahogani: White deposit in the grain.  In late 19th c the grain of cheaper mahoganies was filled with plaster of paris to imitate this feature.

Footnote (2) baize: a coarse, felt like, woolen  material that is typically green, used for covering card tables. 

Dimensions: 3’ wide x top open 3’ x3’ x height 29”

Condition: Very Good to Excellent

Stock No. A1552                                                                                  

Price: $ 5,750.00

Acquired from Shenandoah Valley

Tiger Maple Chest

Early to mid 19th c. (1800’s)


circa mid 18th century





Prospect Door Open on Top

of inside desk.

German Rococo mahogany desk has a outstanding carved front with  a

swirling design centered by a demon face and an ornate brass keyhole that opens to reveal a fitted interior.  It has four small valanced pigeon holes on  the left and two large valanced pigeon holes on the right.  Below the pigeon holes are small drawers with knobs.  The center of the top has three open shelves decorated with turned columns on the sides and a door in the middle.

The bottom portion of the desk has brass lopers on each side to brace the top portion of the desk when open.  Three drawers have ornate brass hardware and curved  blocked shaped sides in descending order with the largest on the bottom.  Thick barley twist carved design are on each side of the desk bottom ending with thick brackets followed by ball and claw feet.

The sides of the desk have a large carved design of swirled acanthus leaves from top to bottom with a thick flat border.

Dimensions: 32” wide x 40” high x 21 1/2” depth

Condition: Excellent for it’s age.

Price $3,400.00

Stock # A1556

German Mahogany

Rococo Console

circa late 18th c.

Beautifully hand carved German mahogany console table.  The top has a spray of two tone green leaves with burnt orange and gold floral design edged in antique gold.  The top is based on a curved apron with a centered shaped design on the front that is heavily carved in an elegant upward flow of acanthus leaves on either side of a triple carved medallion.

Large S shaped legs support the top with downward acanthus leaf design on top.  The center hand carving is repeated towards the bottom of the table attached to the legs as they curve inward ending in a scroll foot design.

Condition: This console has been professionally repaired and refurbished.
Dimension: 16” depth x 33” width x 34” high
Stock Number # A1557   
Price: $ 4,250.00

Side Veiw

     SOLD !